“Josh Green's music is exciting, well crafted, colorful and full of catchy rhythms and tunes. Watch out for Josh...he is a major talent who will be making a big impact on the musical scene!”

~Michael Daugherty


“Josh's compositions show great artistry, knowledge and skill.”

~Edward Kessel
(Orchestrator, Composer)

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Composer ~ Orchestrator ~ MUSIC SUPERVISOR

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be expanding my website over the next few weeks into the realm of Music Supervision!

As the thousands of my loyal followers may have noticed over the years, my career & education in film, television, and theatrical music has been sprinkled with a licensing job here and a song placement there.  Well, this exciting avenue of music supervision and licensing has become fairly prevalent in my life, and I’m excited to now share it all with you!

Check back soon for a new tab that outlines all of the Music Supervising fun that I’ve been having over the years.  But in the meantime, here is a little taste of what I’ve been up to in addition to composing & arranging:

-Creative Licensing & Song Placements in feature films & made-for-TV movies

-Location music clearance for documentaries

-Rate & Term negotiations with major publishers & master owners on feature films and theatrical productions

-Drafting specific legal agreements with multiple options and terms

-Rights owners research

-Temp music placement, editing, re-recording, and mixing

-Also: Grand Rights, Mechanical Licenses, and Arranging permissions

New Placements, New Scores, New You…

Happy Fourth of July!

If I ever write a self-help book for up & coming composer/music supervisors, I think I’ll title it “New Placements, New Scores, New You”… eh, eh?  In actual news though, there are some hot new song placements and some upcoming new scores.  Unfortunately, your stuck with the same “me”.  But here’s what the “same me” has been up to:

First off, now that the long weekend is upon us, I’ve had a moment to sit down and update the website with some new music!  I’m not going to tell you what though… it’s a 4th of July Easter Egg hunt!  … that’s a thing, right?  Your first clue:  It’s in one of the genre categories on the left…  ;)

A new feature length documentary has been in post-production for about 2-months now… top secret stuff… but, I hope to wrap the score in another month and will be able to divulge all sorts of juicy information.  The anticipation!!  What I can say, is that not only am I about 3/4th’s of the way done with composing the original score, but I am also the music supervisor on the film, and have had the opportunity to place some pretty wild tracks!

In this new frontier of Music Supervision, I’ve recently licensed a handful of songs for the upcoming feature film- Gaucho Del Norte.  A really beautiful film that tells the story of a Patagonian sheepherder’s nomadic, isolated journey through the mountains.

On the docket are two new show choir arrangements… the relentlessly talented mixed choir, From Start to Finish and the superstar diva’s of Nothin’ But Treble have hired (and re-hired!) me to write their new shows.

There’s So Many New Things!!

It’s about time Joshua Green Music has entered the world of social networking… I promise I’ll try my best to be entertaining.  You can follow me on Twitter, Soundcloud, and LinkedIN!  If you think I should start a Facebook ‘artist’ page, then you can sign the petition to convince me  ;)

A whole bunch of new updates today:

  •  Concert Music page is now complete with up to date audio and video of arrangements, orchestrations, and concert works from the past five years.
  •  About page finally has an updated biography with pictures from recording sessions and concerts.
  • Links page includes friends, family, and other nerdy composer things that I wanted to share.
  • <—————  New film & television music demos in the Genre categories over there on the left!

In the real world, Josh is currently working on orchestrations for the concept album of a new musical in NYC, scoring a new feature film with his good friend and long time collaborator, Sofian Khan – Capital K Pictures, and is gearing up for recording sessions with Male Choir (yes, pedal tone basses and countertenors included).

Josh has also recently completed a new work for EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) & Jazz Orchestra!  The work, titled Reverie Engine (for the engine-like propulsion that carries the colorful progression & theme) has been demo’ed and recorded by EWI (and wind doubling) master, Todd Groves.  Todd’s EWI solo (about 3’30″ in) is a must-hear!  …and, of course, downloadable and/or bound score and parts are available!

A lot more happening in Concert Music-land… work on a new orchestral piece, a followup work to In The Ghostly Clothes of Jazz, and yet another Jazz Orchestra piece!

As of recently, it’s very possible that Josh may be changing the header of this website to ‘Composer – Orchestrator – Music Supervisor‘ fairly soon, as he has now sync’ed and secured licensable music for two feature films, clearing the rights with major publishers & record labels, as well as gaining grand rights and arrangement permission for a live theatrical performance.

The private theatrical premier of the sci-fi action thriller, THE VIGILANTE is next week!  Josh will be sure to take lot’s of awkward candid photos…

Check back soon!